Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Last September I decided that I wanted to visit Paris because I’ve never been there. So I asked my friend if she would like to spend there a few days and she answered that she absolutely wanted to. On the second day of our trip Claudia and I went to the Centre Pompidou and enjoyed the exhibitions there.
After that we were totally wiped out and I wanted to stay there for a few more minutes. So I asked her if it would be a problem to just have a look at the artists and their works in front of the museum. After she had said that it absolutely wasn’t we started just walking around. The first artists made great portraits and painted fantastic landscapes and I was wondering how it was possible that they are still working on the streets and not showing their works in a gallery. Claudia just answered that she didn’t know either and that she thought that people would pay lots more for that. Walking on we saw another so called painter. His works were horrible and we saw him drawing a caricature of a little boy. When Claudia saw that she asked me if it was the boy he was drawing or Shrek and I really wasn’t sure and that’s what I told her. We were talking for minutes about him just saying how horrible his work is and criticizing the way he was drawing the ears, the eyes, his mouth and lips, his eyebrows, the hair… Suddenly, when I said that every baby could do that better, he turned around looked at us and started shouting in GERMAN. Both of us were totally shocked that he had understood the whole conversation. The last words he shouted at us were “Just shut up now and get lost!!!”. We were totally embarrassed and just turned around and ran away.That’s a situation I won’t forget for a really long time and I think I also learned something out of it.

comment for jacqueline: that's what really happened that day but unfortunately it was too short for the last essay. this time it is true...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


one of the last movies I've watched was called "Sweeney Todd". it's about a barber whose name is Benjamin Barker, a.k.a. Sweeney Todd, who kills his costumers with a straight razor and turns their remains into meat pie. on Fleet Street, in the same building that he's working in, there's "mrs. lovett's meat pie factory". she is becoming his accomplice baking and selling the pies.
the whole movie is based on a musical and all the characters are singing all the time what makes is very boring. although it was produced by Tim Burton whose movies I usually like it's one of the worst movies I've ever seen. DON'T WATCH IT!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm the kind of person who...

...can laugh about every bad joke for hours.
...sneezes up to 15 times in a row.
...can be motivated for nearly everything with the right arguments.
...likes taking pictures of everything that happens.
...likes travelling a lot.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

HOMEWORK: A conversation I’ve had in Vancouver

On my first day in Vancouver the owner of my apartment showed me the city and we also went to Stanley Park.
Elisabeth said that I should spend a lot of time in Stanley Park I summer because it would be wonderful on a sunny day.
She also told me that I had to have a BBQ there and that she had already bought a mini-grill for me.
She added I ought to listen to the 9 o’clock gun that day, when we passed one of my favorite sights in Vancouver.
Elisabeth mentioned that she knew the artist who created the Girl in the Wetsuit Statue and that you shouldn’t have mentioned the Mermaid Statue when he had listened, because he hated the comparison between those works.
Maybe the most important thing she said was that I had not to go to the Park after sunset because it could be very dangerous.

What everybody should know about Vancouver

You should spend at least ten days in Vancouver because it is a wonderful city.
Be prepared: The weather changes very fast and quite often. You should always dress in layers, bring your umbrella AND your sunglasses.

There are some places in Vancouver you absolutely have to visit:
*English Bay- especially on sunny days
*Gastown- where you could buy some souvenirs and should have a look at the famous Steam Clock.
*The Café at the Vancouver Art Gallery. You could enjoy a coffee there on a sunny day.
*Robson Street- where you might go shopping directly in Downtown.
*Granville Island-You should take the False Creek Ferries to get there and visit the Public Market. You ought not to eat before going there…
*You might also visit one of the breweries in Vancouver to try a real Canadian beer.

If you have the chance you should also spend a weekend in Whistler which is one of the most beautiful skiing areas.